Lessons I’ve Learned…

So the other night, I was getting ready to go to bed, but couldn’t quite get to sleep because my brain wouldn’t shut up…err off.  I was thinking about how the people in my life–specifically the ones no longer in it—taught me some very valuable lessons. They also helped me to embrace parts of me I had put aside and part of me I never knew I had. It was a very interesting thought process. I have to say, as much as they hurt me in different ways, they also taught me just as much. Go figure. Soooo…I figured I would share  my thoughts..

1. My feelings matter–even if you don’t agree with them.

2. Pink is a fucking amazing color! So is purple for that matter.

3. Only two people belong in your relationship: you and the one you are in the relationship with. (This one was really interesting seeing as how I am a big sharer of my drama. I learned (the hard way) that not sharing my drama allowed me to let go of it easier though. I learned my freinds and family should never be involved in the shit that happens within a relationship. Ever. It just tends to make enemies.)

4. I have to remember to not lose myself in trying to please another person. This just makes for a miserable Ron.

5. Trust is essential to EVERY relationship–and without it, there is really no point.

6. I have to love me before I can love you or anyone else. Period.

7. My girly side does not make me an idiot. (ok, sometimes it does…but shhhh)

8. I fucking LOVE animals. I always have. I just forgot there for a while because I was hurt from some previous losses.

9. Stop making excuses. People show you their true selves pretty quickly. Believe them.

10. I am happy being alone. (never thought I’d ever say that, much less be it)

11. Not everyone needs to stay. (some people come and go for a reason. The ones who are meant to stay forever, do.)

So those are the ones I can remember–the ones I actually wrote down that same night I was thinking them.  I guess when the hurt leaves, the lessons show themselves.  And for once, I am finally gonna learn them the first time–not 30 tries down the road. 

Guess I am all growed up and junk. Aww.