Remind me AGAIN…..

Ok, remind me again why I NEED to keep my job. Oh yeah, for the money to pay my bills and keep my car on the road and keep a roof over my head and food in my mouth and take care of my dogs and kids and self. And yeah.. NOW I remember.

But dealing with these stupid girls is kicking my ass. I can’t even say it hurts my feelings anymore–it doesn’t. It just pisses me the fuck off. I am SO fucking sick of the childish, petty, girl crap.

What spurred this now, you ask? WELLLLL…….this morning, I came in early, and when the first girl came in (we’ll call her girl 1), I said “good morning” like any polite, professional person would do when a co-worker walks in. And what did I get?  Nothing. Nada. Not a damn thing. Not even an acknowledging nod or grunt. Fucking cuntbag.  Ok, so maybe you are having a bad morning. Cool. I can understand that–but at least acknowledge I spoke. Seriously. Grow up.  So I just said whatever and went on with my stuff for the morning.

About a half hour later, the other girl came in (we’ll call her girl 2 ) and again, I said “good morning”. Guess what I got in return? Oh yeah….NOT A FUCKING THING. Shocking, I know. 

So then girl 1 goes into girl 2’s office to say “good morning, hello, how are you, blah, blah, blah”. And they proceed to have their conversation and go waste a half hour in the break room getting coffee and chatting. Which was good, because then I was alone and I like it that way. Not having to deal with these bitches makes me a happy camper.  Then they came back and stayed in girl 2’s office. Which is right across the hall, by the way. And I can hear the whole conversation usually–though some days they will talk quieter if they have something to say they dont want anyone else to hear.  Though most times I don’t think they realize that anyone can hear them. Idiots.

So this is what I deal with 3-4 days out of 5. Yay me. In clinic it is a bit different. I don’t get spoken to at all by girl 1 or girl 2 unless girl 1 is not there–then girl 2 speaks to me. Or if I force them to interact with me, then they will speak.

It’s fucking ridiculous. I have come to terms with it for the most part, but some days it just really pisses me off. Today happens to be one of those days. It just gets so stupid that they act that way. Grow up and act like a fucking professional. You don’t have to like me. I could give a flying fuck if you like me–but you DO have to SPEAK to me and be professional. Or at least that’s how I see it.

Here’s a great example of the immaturity of these two girls.  The other day in clinic, there were 7 nof us in the exam room we use as our office at one of our locations. Girl 1 and girl 2 decided since they couldn’t talk freely about whatever they were talking about, that it was a better idea to text each other. In the same room. The room that everyone was in. Each time one would get a text from the other, the one getting the text would burst out laughing, then text back. When that girl would get the reply, she would burst out laughing. And back and forth this went for about a half hour. Everyone in the room was so uncomfortable. It was bullshit. And the charge nurse said nothing. Which I am not a fan of… since she is the supervisor, she should have asked them to leave the room.

But what the fuck do I know??!  GRRRRR.


Just another day on the job…

So recently I acquired new employment with one of the hospitals in my town…well, more like an outpatient clinic within the hospital. I have mixed feelings about this job. Some days are good, others I just want to punch someone in the face–usually my co-worker.

I totally get that not everyone gets along with everyone else. I can give you a list of people I cannot stand; those who would tempt me to push them in front of oncoming traffic. I GET IT!  And I am all for having your own thoughts, feelings, opinions, etc. HOWEVER, what I am not okay with is not being professional enough to fucking deal with it.

The clinic I work with is a small group. There are six of us. Six. This means that we interact with each other every single day, regardless of the situation. Because there are SIX of us.

One of the girls I work with does not get this concept of professionality. Or else she is just fucking bipolar. I haven’t quite decided yet.

This is her deal. From my perspective. She is lazy. Like only do what you absolutely have to to keep your job lazy. No matter that there are other things to be done. Which is fine. I have no problem stepping up and picking up your slack. I really don’t. For two reasons; one, I cannot stand to just sit around at work, and two, people notice my work. Including this co-worker. And I get the feeling she resents me for it. TOO FUCKING BAD.

Some days she speaks to me, others not so much. Its frustrating as hell. I always say I don’t care whether someone likes me or not, especially at work, but it does kind of hurt my feelings (thats a whole other blog). But that is mine to deal with.  What makes me the most irritated about the whole situation is that we work together every day, Monday through Friday, and the days when she does not talk to me are the days that inevitably I really need her to. Be a professional. You don’t have to like me………but you DO have to talk to me on a work level. It’s part of delivering good patient care.

(((On a side note, as I sit here typing, a hot maintenence man just came through–no I didn’t talk to him. I am all shy and shit)))

Sorry, back to the matter at hand. So yeah, I get sick of the one day that she talks to me like I’m her best buddy, the next day I don’t exist.  And I cannot talk to any of the other co-workers about her because I don’t want to step on any toes and also, I cannot imagine they are that fucking oblivious.

So my solution–besides venting to you amazing people about it—is to just kill her with kindness. I force her to interact with me on most days and on days when I am not in the mood for it, I just leave it be.

Luckily for all of us, I really like my job…so she can just suck it.