Looking for a hand up..not a hand out.

As you know, I lost my job recently. While this is a good thing in most ways, financially isn’t one of those ways. I didn’t make much at this job to begin with….it paid my bills and that’s about it. I thought with what I had worked, plus my pto hours, I’d at least have another full paycheck. I was wrong.

I have filed for unemployment, and diligently looking for another job: I put in 53 resumes/applications yesterday alone. I’ve also been putting feelers out since the beginning of the month. There problem is that people hiring have so many applicants to wade through, it could be weeks before I get an interview, much less an actual offer.

My bills won’t wait for that. They want to be paid now. Especially my rent. Which is the one I’m most concerned about. The others can be put off for a bit.

Pride is a hard pill for me to swallow. It always has been. And asking for help kills me in ways I can’t describe. But I don’t just have myself to look after. I have two teenaged kids and four animals that rely on me too keep a roof over their heads.

It is because of them I do this….

I’ve set up a donation site for us so I can hopefully pay my rent and utilities until I can get some income coming in.

I know times are tough for everyone, and any support is appreciated. Even a little can go a long way.

Thanks in advance. And please share on your pages if you would.


Thanks again.



20 thoughts on “Looking for a hand up..not a hand out.

  1. Wow, good luck. I’m sure you’ll find a job soon. I definitely HOPE you do. And I would totally donate, but I’m not really getting by myself. I hate to even bring it up, but seriously, I would if I could. I hope you the best.


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