Of course they lied….Asshats.

So update on the job sitch. I was terminated today. They decided I was lying about pushing the big red button. Fucktards.

Sucks to be them.

On to bigger and better!!!!!

And no more nights!  WOOT!


Yes, I have decided this is a good thing. And also, for some reason, I have always handled the big shit well. It’s the little shit that kicks my ass…lol.

So getting fired (for the first time in my life by the way) has done a few things for me just in a day. Mostly kicked my ass to stop being so damn complacent and get a job that stimulates my brain. As much as I love being lazy—and I do love it—its not something I enjoy in a work environment. I need stimulation of some sort, some where. (Do not take that to the gutter. Crap. We are already there, aren’t we?)

Part of my problem with my disorder is too much fucking time on my hands–which makes me delve into the deep recesses of my brain. This is never a good thing. Not for anyone–especially those of us with mental issues. Keeping productive is part of keeping the disorder in line. So this termination was good for me.

Don’t get me wrong. As you can see from the letter, they basically accused me of lying. And that just pisses me off.  But whatever. I KNOW what I did and did not do. And I stopped trying to convince them a week ago. Fuck them for thinking otherwise. They lost a really good employee–one with really good work ethic as well. And we know that is hard to find anymore. So yeah…… Sorry bout their luck!  Someone else now gets to benefit from my skills and wit and charm.


Regardless–there is good in this. More good than I know. I will keep  you posted of that!  If you want to read the letter–it’s below.


Here is the decision letter they gave me:


Final Written Warning from RAA




5 thoughts on “Of course they lied….Asshats.

  1. The one that is sealed and can’t be opened any other way? That one?

    Dammit, I am sorry. I am glad you are keeping a good attitude about it, but still. Make sure to file for unemployment ASAP.


    • It’s all good. I was getting a bit too complacent, and seriously I need a job that stimulates at least part of my brain…lol. As for unemployment. Did this morning. Fired at 630 am, filed for unemployed at 815am. Of course it will take 4 weeks to make a decision…but if it is in my favor, I get back pay, so that will help. Cross your fingers.

      I have the emails from a week ago that said my job wasnt in jeopardy, so yeah….lol.


  2. Definitely go for unemployment. Also, fuck them. They lied, which companies do, so fuck them for lying. I love it how they claim you lied to them and you lost your job, but it’s okay for them to lie to you. Hypocrites. Good luck finding a better place to work.


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