THAT is a GREAT bowl!!!

So, my kids came home from the skate park last night with an amazing tale! I have procured permission to retell it in her words! I offered her the opportunity to write it herself,  but she declined–so I am writing it for her. For prosperity’s sake!  Someday we will have forgotten the details of this…and I never want to do that. So here we go!!!

I guess there is a great skate park on the west side of Albuquerque. I have personally never been there, but my two youngest kids went there last night with their friend to skateboard and generally run amok!  They got home about 10:30 or 11pm. Of course it was dark. As a matter of fact, it had been dark since about 7:40 that night. And the skate park had no lights. The daughter’s phone flashlight was the light they were using to see… :/

Anyhow, I guess at this skate park there is a huge bowl; it has different depths, the smallest being 12 foot deep.  For those that don’t know about skating bowls, most of the walls are either straight up at the top of the curve or vert–which is a small curve inward at the top of the edge.  Google it.

So the kids were skateboarding here, when my son and his friend managed to talk my daughter into getting into this bowl with them to skate. Mind you, my daughter is 5’4″ on a good day. She was in a 12 ft deep cement bowl.  Can you see whats coming here?

Long story short, she got stuck in there. Not enough upper body strength to pull herself up over the edge. And a cement skate bowl is smooth, so traction was not really an option here. Even though, according to them, she tried with shoes, with socks, and with barefeet. Unfortunately none of those things helped. It was really the lack of upper body strength.  The boys had no issue pulling themselves out, however, they were not successful in pulling her out.  I think they were all rather stressed at this point.

The daughter was stuck in the bowl for about 40 minutes. I guess at certain times she just had to wander around containing her frustration at their lack of success. Luckily for her (and me), some very nice people came along and two rather strong dudes managed to get some momentum going and pull her out.  (though her boobs did kind of make it harder than normal. We are a well-endowed family here)

Anyway–she is safe and sound and out of the bowl. The fire department would have been the next step, which seems really embarrassing to me…so luckily it didn’t come to that.  🙂

And the very nice people that helped her, even invited them to their little cookout. They fed them hamburgers and hotdogs and chips and drinks. It was a good end to what could have been a crazy night…..

So to whomever you people were that helped my daughter, thank you from the bottom of my heart!! She is kind of important!!!! And you guys are amazing  for helping her!!!

So yeah…I just had to share this. It was actually much funnier in person, but since I cannot portray the humor in the telling of the story because it wasn’t mine,  hopefully this will be good enough to look back on and laugh while the memories flow!

Here are the pics of the bowl she was trapped in!  She actually climbed to the smallest one and still couldn’t get out.  At the deepest point, this bowl probably hits 16 feet or more….  Also, you can see a video here:  🙂


This is one side of the bowl. The daughtro was in that furthest bowl towards the back…


Another view of the bowl–this is the pipe. 14 feet.


Here is the opposite view of the bowl. The daughtro was in the front bowl here, which is the 12 foot one…


This is a view from the bottom of the deepest part of the bowl. This portrays the depth a bit better than the aerial shots.  The daughtro was in the bowl up on the right…..









Disclaimer: this post is a delve into seriousness. Just for a minute though. Just wanted to warn you of the change of pace, so you don’t get all shocked and wonder if I’ve been hacked! I haven’t. Except maybe by my turbulent emotions….. Another blogger reminded me of my journaling, which I haven’t done in a while, so while I was re-reading some old stuff, I came across a letter I wrote to someone once, and decided I wanted to open up that part of me again to the world. For a couple reasons. Reasons I won’t go into, but it has been very cleansing for me, especially in light of my recent girl brain attack.  It definitely serves to remind me that I have not always been as narcissistic as I have become; that despite or in spite of how I am now, I once was better.  And I think journaling helps tremendously to work through the issues that I would normally just lose my mind on and make the moment worse….  So yeah. Enjoy the side of me that very, very, very few people ever get to see…….


Sometimes I wonder why it is you stay in my life (or why I let you) when there are so many times I feel condescended to by you and disconnected from you. Sometimes I wonder if I am less a narcissist and more a masochist.  Sometimes I wonder why being connected to you is so important to me. Sometimes I wonder why it is so important to you. Sometimes I wonder why you waste your time…..and mine. Sometimes I wonder why I waste my time….and yours….

I know you have had a rough life. I know things have happened to you in your past that were not okay, and I know you have never dealt with them in a healthy way. I am sorry for you for that. I am not sorry that you chose–it was/is your choice still–not to deal with your past.  Sometimes I wonder if you stick around to have someone to take all that frustration and anger and helplessness out on. Someone who has, does, and always will love you regardless. Sometimes I am fine with it. Sometimes I am not. Sometimes I just stop feeling…..

Sometimes I don’t understand why you don’t realize that I didn’t do those things to you. I didn’t make you feel the way you feel. I didn’t force you to choose not to deal with things in your life. And because I didn’t, I don’t deserve to be the whipping girl when it suits you. I don’t deserve the lies and secrecy and vagueness that you give me.  I don’t deserve to be dismissed like I am not important– as a person, as a friend, as a girlfriend. That is not okay. Sometimes I wonder why it is okay with you. Sometimes I know it is not. Sometimes I see the pain and regret and sorrow in your eyes; that moment you realize what effect your callous, thoughtless, actions have caused. (Sometimes I remember why I am still here)  Sometimes I wonder why I allow it to be okay with me… Sometimes I wonder why it is still okay with you…

Sometimes I wonder how long it will take for you to understand how much more your actions tell me than your words ever, ever, EVER, will.  Sometimes I wonder how long I am going to wait for you to figure it out. Sometimes I wonder if losing me for good and forever will be the only thing that really forces you to get it. Sometimes I wonder if that’s what I really want……or only just what I really need. Sometimes I wonder if I know the difference. Sometimes I wonder if you do…..

You have been around so long… I feel as though you should have realized a long time ago how your actions can cut me down so deeply and painfully sometimes. The longer you stay, (the longer I allow you to stay) the less I feel sometimes. And then sometimes, the feelings are so overwhelming, I can’t do anything but cry, because I don’t know how to handle all that love that my heart wants to share with you. But I won’t. Because I am not that strong. Sometimes I wish I was…….   Sometimes I wish you were too……

And then sometimes, you are the most amazing person I have ever known. Sometimes you are incredibly thoughtful and generous and loving and affectionate, and all the things I could ever want or need in another human being. Sometimes you tear downs those walls just enough for me to see the person I fell in love with so many years ago, and just that small glimpse into the soul of the person I know you can/will be………outweighs all the bad you could ever throw my way……   Sometimes I know, in the deepest recesses of my heart and soul, just sometimes, I know why I stay……


Girl Brain Alert!

I ask you, as the person I am dating, in casual conversation, how old you were when you lost your virginity and the answer is a vague, ” I don’t know, maybe around 16 or so.” Ok….. I then ask, ” ok well where did you lose your virginity?”. The answer is “I don’t remember.” Hmmmm. Really? Then I ask, “were you drunk? Do you know who you lost it to?” And the answer is, “I don’t know, why does it matter?

Ummmm really????

First off, we are dating, so I’m fucking curious about your life. It’s not like it happened when we were together so I’m not fucking accusing you of anything. So why is this such a big issue to NOT FUCKING ANSWER?????

So is it just me, or is the next thought that goes through your head……..”ummm ok then, what else are you not telling me or being honest about?”

Because, and this is just my opinion here, losing the V-card is usually kind of a big fucking deal in one’s life. Or even if it isn’t, seriously, who doesn’t remember it??? And I was just curious about it/you. Sheesh.

So now I’m kind of freaking out!

Exception: if it was a traumatic experience, I understand you wouldn’t want to discuss it. Fair enough, but have some decency to say, hey, it’s not something I’m ok talking about. Yes, I’ll be curious, but I’ll shut up and not push you about it.

Feedback people! I NEED feedback here. I need to know if I’m just an idiot blowing this out of proportion (which is 99% of the time) or if I need to ask some more serious questions… myself.

DISCLAIMER: I am on the girl brain train. (not having fun by the way! Which sucks cause I love trains) But I had enough sense to shut up right then and not make it worse. Hence me being all growed up and asking for help here……….

So pleeeeeeaaaasssseeeee help!

DISCLAIMER NÚMERO TWO: having slept, I now realize, even without the great feedback, that sometimes I’m a fucking idiot, but also that to some, this is a private matter to them regardless of the circumstances surrounding it. I realize I’m a ridiculously open book, unlike most people, and I shouldn’t expect everyone to just vomit their lives into me like I do them. Seriously, girl brain gives me the dumb. Kill it. Kill it with fire! I have issues. Seriously!

Thanks for listening and for the feedback. See???? I’m learning!!! I asked instead of losing my mind on him. Good Ron!!!!

Even though I’m still an asshole, it’s nice to know I’m learning. Baby steps!!!!!

If it were a snake……….

I was sitting here, working (no, really, I was), and trying to think of other awesome idiotic stories from my drug-induced hazy (yet funny now) youth. When it occurred to me that not ALL of my tales of stupidity happened when I was ummm…under the influence. So I would like to regale you with a sober tale of my stupidity awesomeness!

I live in the desert. Because of this, bodies of water (lakes, rivers) are scarce. I mean there are some–the Rio Grande runs right through us here in the Land of Entrapment… errr Enchantment. However, putting your body in that river is akin to swimming in a sewer treatment plant as far as I am concerned. Plus, I don’t think it can really be referred to as “water”, considering its dominating color is solid brown. But that’s just my opinion. I guess I should be grateful we have a river in the first place.

Anyhow, one day a few years back, me and my BFF at the time, plus our kids, decided to drive on a quest to find water. We ventured up into the Jemez mountains to accomplish this feat. And we were successful. However, once we got to said lake, everything kind of went awry. At my expense. As usual. Because I gots tha dumb!  So it took FOR EV ERRRR to find a place to park that didn’t require us to walk a fucking marathon with all our gear (blankets, cooler, kids).  Finally we parked and proceeded to haul our crap over to where the water was. Everyone got on fine except yours truly–who, while carrying one end of the cooler, managed to trip on my flip flop and proceed to slide down a dirty rocky bastard of a hill–on my knee. It was AWESOME!!!  Did I mention I was wearing shorts? Needless to say, I was hurt and bloody and pissed the fuck off. (I still maintain that my son pushed me with the cooler–a fact he vehemently denies) (FYI–I know he didn’t push me. I just like to mess  with his head)  So we continued on, me with a really bad attitude at this point, to our sitting place upon the beach of the lake. We actually had fun once I cleaned up my knee and got over my irritation with it. Even though the kids couldn’t get in the water because there were so many people fishing….

Damn me and my detail obsession. Lets get to the stupid funny part.

After about an hour, we decided we were over it. The kids couldn’t swim because of the fishing people, so I think they were over it sooner than we were.  Regardless, we headed back down the mountain… My friend was driving, so I was just chilling in the passenger seat. I liked it like that.  THEN, all of a sudden, I realized my sunglasses were missing. Now mind you, this was very concerning because I have a serious obsession with my sunglasses. I MUST HAVE THEM at all times when the sun is shining. If not, the sun pierces my brain and gives me a crazy headache. (the reason for this is another story for another time–perhaps more proof of my shenanigans.)  So I started frantically searching for them, on my head, in my bags, on the floor, EVERYWHERE!  I couldn’t find them!!!

I was starting to panic (mind you the time frame on this was about 4 minutes or so) when my friend asked me what the hell I was doing. I told her, in my panicky state, “I can’t find my sunglasses. I may have left them at the lake, we have to go back!!) I may have been starting to hyperventilate at this point, but I cannot be certain. (I REALLY love my sunglasses!)

She looks at me with a strange look on her face, like ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS??!!  I just looked at her and insisted we pull over because I needed to find them!!!  She calmly (though I think her eye was starting to twitch) asked me, with almost a straight face—

“Are you talking about the sunglasses ON YOUR FACE?????”


As I reached up to see what the hell she was talking about, she burst into laughter. The kind of laughter that renders you silent and immobile. The only visible clues that you are still alive is the intense shaking, severely upturned corners of the mouth and the crushing closure of the eyes. We had to pull over.

Upon my reaching up to my face, my hand encounters……… fucking sunglasses. The ones I had been searching desperately for. The ones that HAD NEVER LEFT MY FACE.

I am pretty sure, I have never in my life, felt more stupid than I did in that moment. That moment, before I lost it and started laughing as hard as she was…..

I think it took us almost a half hour to leave the side of the road. I am pretty sure we lost five pounds and gained a six-pack.  My stomach was sore for at least three days after that.

Now, I always check my face first.  And to this day, I still have no clue what the hell happened that I thought things were looking a little too bright……..





Important: Please Help Save MORE Than a House

I came across this post on another’s post and followed the links. I am posting this so you–my awesome readers and friends–will re-blog as well and do what you can to help these guys! Nobody deserves this, regardless of their situation. Being in healthcare, I am well aware of “silent” medical issues. They may not be “real” to ones that don’t have them, but I can promise you (witnessed firsthand) that they are extremely, excruciatingly, detrimentally “REAL” to the person suffering from them. Please read and do what you can for this amazing person. Every little (or big) thing helps….even if it is just a prayer. Support is support is support. Everyone needs and deserves it!

Please go here:

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So those of you who read my previous post about the thing I heard on the radio that I could never find???  (if not, see here)

I FOUND IT!!!!!  YAY for me not having an LSD flashback!!!!

I had the spelling wrong.  It is spelled “CHISOLM”  (pronounced CHIIZUM)  And it is not an RV park, but is an RV dealership!!!

Thank god!  I am not gonna lie–I was a bit obsessive about it today!

I guess sleep helps, because I found it as soon as I got to work and started looking again. Oh the things that plague me. UGH!

Here is the link:

So now I know that you know that I know that I wasn’t just taking a trip to the gutter……………or having a weird LSD from back in the day rerun!  Gutter brain safely back in check now. YAY!

WOOT!!!   We can all sleep easy once again!  Especially Joeyfullystated—as she was just as confused and obsessed as I was! Partners in mental befuddlement.